Friday, December 17, 2010

Textbooks in order to return again?

Text Books
Buenos Aires provincial government, Argentina's Chamber of publications, and book the Chamber signed an agreement today to fulfill the priorities and the "application of lessons in all schools in the province of Buenos Aires.

Agreement was signed 35 International Book Exhibition. Buenos Aires provincial government will make a significant purchase books with different editorials going to distribute them for students. General Directive of Culture and Education, which Mario Oporto, to implement "educational books" policy re-insert it on the ground it held for decades in Argentina in the society.

Similarly, the leader of the Chamber of publications, Maria Pia Gagliardi, explained that "editorials, which group a person's education, has developed campaigns and actions that will revalue the use of textbooks with the educational community and sensitizing public opinion advantage of using educational books. These acts count sponsorship and supervision of General Education and Culture Directive. "

The agreement also sets a goal of access to enough books in all sectors of the population, Buenos Aires provincial government and the Chamber of publications available to implement legal measures to protect and promote the editorial industry. Juan Carlos Tedesco, the Minister of Education shall submit to the signing.

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