Friday, December 17, 2010

BA is elected by the UN as World Book Capital 2011

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has selected Buenos Aires, 2011, as World Book Capital of the current agency efforts to promote literature and reading. Argentina's capital city has the "quality and diversity of the proposed program as well as a consolidated approach, which relies on it," the selection committee, said after the meeting, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Each year, the committee appointed by the city the title of 12 months between World Book and Copyright Day on April 23. Buenos Aires is a city of the Eleventh honored over the years, World Book Capital by selecting the committee, which consists of three main professional associations in the book industry - the International Publishers Association, the International Booksellers Federation and the International Federation of Library Associations and organizations - including representatives of UNESCO.

Beirut was the honor of 2009, followed by Ljubljana in 2010. Madrid was the first city to receive gifts, and was the successor of Alexandria, New Delhi, Antwerp, Montreal, Turin, Bogota and Amsterdam. UNESCO said that the jury received two candidates for sub-Saharan cities - Lagos in Nigeria and Benin in Porto Novo -. "Expects to find ways to strengthen the literature and book culture in the region.

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