Thursday, December 16, 2010

Illegal copies of books to produce significant losses in Argentina

Illegal copies of books in Argentina
On average 1.2 million pirated books published in Argentina 800 different every year, according to figures from the publishing sector published today. This represents five percent of the printed book and the loss of up to ten million dollars into the country, with sales of pirated products is increasing every year, according to the Argentine Association Editions (Camara Argentina Publication, CAP).

The amount of money lost due to the phenomenon of the publishing industry has reached this figure that the publisher has also reduced prices (30%) to maintain competitiveness against copying.

"The top 50 best-selling books that can be copied and sold 30% cheaper," said Rodolfo Blanco local newspaper "Usually., Difference between original and copy of the book is the question paper and in particular quality, c ', by, therefore, often publishing professionals to see the difference, "Book Foundation (El Libro) vice president told reporters.

Last April, the publisher Alfaguara charges against the booth selling books in Buenos Aires Book Fair, after discovering he was selling bootleg bestseller by Stephanie Meyer Crep├║sculo.

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