Sunday, October 11, 2009


 by Stephenie Meyer (Author)

I would say that most saturated with so many emotions, passion and time - has raised my curiosity. Positive or negative, I could not believe that people can be swept away by the tsunami of emotion. So I read the book and here is my assessment, because as the projectile is not worth writing an essay.

1st This is a book about vampires. If you like this kind to be surprised, new ways of looking at an old story.

2nd It 'a love story.

3rd It's a love story catchy.

4th You do not have vocabulary to read this book. I definitely recommend anyone who needs to practice English.

5th Warning to parents: Although the story of adolescent love. Along with high school, with scenes from all the "rebels" who are still young and can relate. I would like to insist that you as parents read the book by side with the son or daughter. Please discuss some aspects of the relationship of the main characters. The reason is as follows - the male hero is Edward - the vampire was born in 1901, very handsome and chivalrous, but very strict and a little 'abuse. Many people were offended by this character, as you can see the negative reviews. However, it is up to you to drive her daughter to take as a simple tale / fantasy, both towards the adoption of appropriate measures to make nice guy. I remember the last century, served as his grandmother? You want your daughter to grow up in this? I do not like, I like my grandmother, but I do not want to be like her. Secondly, Belle is shy, but intelligent (as a bookworm), a girl who fell head over hills Edward. You make many bad decisions as a sign that an adult with life experience I will never do. The choice of love, commitment, suicide, murder and acceptance of death. Would be a great topic for discussion.

6th No Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy, and Shakespeare - is a novel, simple love story and should be expected as such. "Train", "Book Rate", "Book of the underground ... I bought often in these first days of their time killing a tachometer and a half years for academics. Like any other novel is simple but charming. It takes you from the reality a couple hours ... does not irritate me as some people here, but as you can see, my English is not native language. However, I can understand why some reviews are full of literary discussion. It's a novel.

In conclusion, I give five stars, because I realized what the book was written for - the content and achievement of its intended audience.

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