Friday, October 16, 2009

The Lost Symbol

 by Dan Brown (Author)

I started reading Dan Brown 2 years ago when a friend gave me Angels and Demons. A & D makes me read all the books previously published in another DB. After reading The Lost Sport also Angels and Demons, as the best book.

I'm still giving training because, after looking at a plan 5 for all other works of Dan Brown sued in story form to convey a better understanding of Freemasonry and the spiritual laws that govern it. He also shared the religious views that I believe could save the world if the arms of the human being. Deification, or the human potential as God, is a common theme in most religions and DB did a great job to explain the world that has lost the idea or would consider it as a heresy. I thought Brown did a great job expressing the spiritual tendencies and Freemasonic founders of the United States and presents a vision that I believe that settles the debate about whether we are a Christian nation or not. The answer is that we are spiritual people who believe in courtesy to others and see the world as a creature with the potential to become gods. The prospect of this makes any difference or dispute over religious issues are not important and disturbing than what can really be.

A word about the controversy. This vision of human destiny to be God is where the controversy lies in this book and hope to see some warm discussions on the subject by the clergy in the coming weeks. For those who think the DaVinci Code and the theories about the Virgin Mary is controversial to wait and see until the student to read this book and get the message.

I'm glad that Brown did not give in to conspiracy theories. I like the spirit in which he played a large vessel made of concrete and a mature understanding of religion and spirituality are depicted in this book.

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