Friday, October 2, 2009

Accounting for Non-Accountants

The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics by Wayne Label

In short, Dr. Label's 10 Minute Guide... is a blessing for those who are "challenge of the MBA." In simple, easy to understand, written language, opens a book in the world, accounting for those who have no formal training in the economy. Ten-Minute Guide to ... useful guide and reference for all who want to keep your books or to better understand the finances of another company.

Dr. Label leads sent the four key areas-GAAP accounting rules, balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement. In each area, it defines the components of the difficulties of going to each area and the ratio of ingredients, and the relationships between the different regions. He extends his explanation of each site, easy to follow examples of their use throughout. Although the bulk of the book focuses on the calculation of self-employed or partnership is not Dr label on the concepts and the company devotes two chapters to the analysis of the financial statements of the company.

In addition, Dr. label takes the reader through the trials and investigator to obtain the Official Journal of general principles to the financial statements of the various short-and long-term analysis and use of the budget business. Finally, a chapter covers some basic information on the Internet, and provided accounting (that is attached to the book itself) and Dr. Label thoughtfully provides a comprehensive and understandable glossary of key terms quickly look up something.

Although the book is small, it is in a lot of useful information, which is packaged in a clear and concise manner. It works great springboard into the world of accounting and financial data and provides a solid basis for the understanding of the best decisions based on such data. After reading this book, you can talk safely and quietly, and an accountant for a walk with the wallet full of money is still in the bag. Imagine!

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