Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Help (Hardcover)

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help is a young white woman in Mississippi in the early 1960s is concerned about the fate of the black maid, lady, that every family is working for them. Write their stories of torture, abuse and broken homes in the heart of working white families', all just before the civil rights revolution. This is a story in a nutshell - but it is much more than just stories.

This is the best book i have read for years! I can't recommend enough! It's beautiful and I think it will have a movie from it. I would compare it with texts by Carson McCullers, Harper Lee, Truman Capote and even Margaret Mitchell. The story grabs you and will not let you go. You can feel the molten tar road Mississippi, toil in the fields of cotton, grits on the stove burning. This question is indomitable human will to survive all the odds - because of the color of their skin. It's heart-turning account, and never remember fondly the days of Jim Crow laws (if we ever did). Net, down and out bitchery white ladies who are dissatisfied with their maids and continue to destroy their lives, is shown graphically. Desperate situation of maids' is really touching. I laughed and cried my way through this book and plan to read it. I would highly recommend this book because it will speak for the best book of the year.